EPRO Group is pleased to announce the opening of our new subsidiary company Xinjiang Si Lu Jin Yin Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd located at Karamay, Xianjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on August 26, 2016. With an investment of registered capital at One Hundred Million Renminbi (RMB), this multilingual contact centre offers professional contact centre service and solution to clients in diverse business and public sector in Xianjiang.

As the first and leading multilingual contact center service provider in City of Karamay, EPRO Group strives to cultivate the development of the cloud based contact centre system empowered with big data applications and focusing on the information industry. With support from the district and city governments, EPRO Group will lead the development and expansion of our Cloud based Contact Center operation to complement the “One Belt, One Road” initiatives and further expanding the Group’s business coverage in China.