EPRO Group has appointed Mr. Peter Wong as Executive Director of EPRO TechSoft Limited, Mr. Tony Ng as Director and General Manager of EPRO TechSoft Limited, with effective from 2 July 2019.

Mr. Wong is one of the founders of EPRO System and EPRO Telecom, with years of experience in customer relationship management. Mr. Wong is the Director responsible for the execution of corporate development strategy and business target fulfilment of our Group. Mr. Wong received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Art degrees in the United States.

Mr. Ng is responsible for the execution and management of the operation and business development of our Group. Mr. Ng has years of experience in Information Technology maintenance and customer service management.

EPRO TechSoft Limited, a subsidiary of EPRO Group, offers omni-channel customer contact centre solution to clients in diverse business and public sector in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Asia Pacific regions.