The trivial work in the management of the customer service team makes the management difficult. At the same time, the cost of the enterprise is unknowingly consumed. It has been criticized as a “cost centre”. As a result, many customers have switched from managing inhouse customer service team to outsourcing service. They choose a more professional company to manage the customer service.

Recently, Guangzhou Jinyi Media Corporation, which was shortlisted in the 2019 Guangdong Enterprises Top 500, cooperates with EPRO TechSoft Limited, a subsidiary of EPRO Group International Ltd, for the customer service business.

With more than 25 years of management experience in contact centre operation, perfect service procedures and professional system support, EPRO TechSoft Ltd. has tailored a personalized customer service solution for Jinyi Media Corporation.

The solution provides flexible scheduling, resource configuration consistent with operators’ situations and also a more professional management. At the same time, it successfully saves the company at least 30% of operating costs. It allows Jinyi Media Corporation to abandon the criticized the worries of “customer service”. She can more focus on the development of the core film business.