Linking People, Connecting Business

In August 2019, Guangzhou Junfeng Network Technology Co. Ltd. (Junfeng), the strategic partner of EPRO TechSoft (a subsidiary of EPRO Group), was chosen by the tycoon of skin care beauty industry, Guangdong Wanmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Marubi) as a sharing customer service provider for the 400 consulting service hotline.

Marubi has deep business experience and gains customers’ supports for many years. In order to provide customers a better customer service experience, Marubi finally chose the sharing customer service idea from Junfeng and formed cooperation for outsourcing service.

The innovative service of sharing customer service operator has optimized the customer service hotline while reducing the weakness of self-running customer service operations such as operating costs, staff turnover, new staff training, and job level improvement. With more than 25 years of management experience in contact centre operation, EPRO TechSoft Ltd. developed the sharing customer service idea to save customers at least 30% of operating costs and gain a more professional customer service experience. Furthermore, the call connection rate is increased 80% which supports Marubi’s sustainable development in skin care and beauty market.